20 June 2008

Hi again

Since last writing I have been busy chasing rides around the south of England.  I have only raced twice against Boston and Buxton since then scoring 4 and 7 in each.  In between these meetings I have been doing a few second halves around the place making 3 trips to the Isle of Wight which is the biggest track in England at 396m (still no Oreti park but the best I can find) which is good cause s'bourne only 250m so was feeling the need to stretch the legs on a bigger track.   It is also good as I can catch up with Jase Bunyan and Bargee who ride for the  IOW.  I have also done a second half at Poole and a few training days at Sittingbourne so the plywood bed in the back of the van is getting a fair bit of use.  I have still struggling with machinery and am unhappy with what i am currently on. Luckily Bunyan has been helping me out and has found me another bike which should be more what im looking for.  So we will be building this up in the next few days in time for my next meeting at Kings Lynn a week Sunday.

I was due to compete in a grass track on the 8th June using one of Frank Yates new jawa grasstrackers but unfortunately the track was under water after heavy rain.

I was hoping to score double figures in my last match against buxton just to gain some confidence after a shit start and was looking good after winning heat 1 then gaining a 2nd and a paid 2nd in the next two rides but then recording two last places in my next rides which was just down to not making changes when i should have.  Looking forward to my next meeting and scoring a few more points.

I also am going to be shifting in the next week or so to live with a family that is only 15mins away from s`bourne (currently a 2hr drive) and will be a better set up down there and have a few team mates and others i have met that also live there so might even be able to save ££and all travel in one van.  There are huge protests over here at the moment over fuel prices which is about £1.20 for unleaded and £1.30 for diesel thus the reason i travel everywhere at 80km/hr and sleep in the van occasionally instead of driving home then back down.

Overall though I am really enjoying the experience, its been hard at times and you really learn how to bounce back in a hurry when things don't go well but its been great just living for speedway.

Sorry not really much exciting news. Hope all is good back home. Alex